Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ludurana Supernova, China Glaze Pink Voltage, China Glaze Flying Dragon

These I did on a whim. I wanted to swatch Ludurana Supernova, but then it needed some art! Lately I find I can't just wear polish...unless it's got some heavy glitter in it or something. I get antsy by end of day one. I wonder if this is a problem all us bloggers have.

Anyway I kept it simple. These flowers on my middle fingers were created with the bottle brush in three small overlapping strokes of China Glaze Flying Dragon. I then added a centre blob of China Glaze Pink Voltage. Once dry the details were acrylic black paint. Since this style goes for that graffiti messy look anyone could accomplish this easily. If you don't have a detail brush, a toothpick works well. I use those too. Ludurana was a great formula, these were done in two coats.

This last photo I took to show the flare in this stunning silver holo. If you ever have difficulty photographing holo, sunshine works very well...but pot light work best!

Cheers all,


  1. Loving the little peep of flowers! Such a fun way to incorporate a pop of color. And don't worry, I'm the same way, I always need a bit of glitter in my nails!

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