Friday, March 7, 2014

KBShimmer, U Rock My Heart Swatch Review

Hello and what's shaking today ladies? 
Today's post is the third and last from the Valentine's Day Trio from KBShimmer. This was actually my second attempt at this post. My first mani didn't survive a diaper change. That one was U Rock My Heart over a medium grey...lovely!!! This look I liked even better, but I'm a total girlie girl.

This is one gently massaged coat of U Rock My Heart over Sally Hansen Berry Juicy. You don't need to fish for anything in this! The hearts and stars come out to play all on their own, which is rare for this type of polish. I did use a toothpick to place a couple of the hearts and stars where I wanted them, but only because I got too many at once! Fab huh?

Make sure you topcoat this one as the tips of the stars will catch slightly on stuff if you don't, but that's any star glitter not an issue with the glitter here. 

This last glitter was me dorking around frankening again. I loved Whole Lava Luvin so much I felt like I need more reds similar in my stash. I used an old KBShimmer topcoat bottle to mix a couple older polishes. Mine is on the left.  I love my colour, it will also make a pretty mani I think...but my 'holo' is really lacking it's more of a shimmer polish. I do love it, but I'm no pro like the polish genius's out there like Christy Rose of KBShimmer. Does anyone else Franken?

I have a wrap up of the three polishes from the trio coming up soon, so stay tuned! And Spoiler Alert...I loved all three!

Cheers all,

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