Sunday, February 16, 2014

Laquerlicious I Now Pronounce You

So another lovely Laquerlicious Polish today, this is I Now Pronounce You. This is a crazy and beautiful concoction of glitter. Pink and purple glitter take the lead, but there is also small hexes in shades of purple and some shards in at least silver and white that I can see.

I layered this over a dark purple from Pure Ice called No Means No. This is two coats of I Now Pronounce You, and as always with Laquerlicious, it was pretty easy to get great coverage.

This one was shy for my camera a little but I gave you the best pictures I could get. These last three are in sunlight. Some polishes just do not want to be famous!

I liked this simple glitter layering combo. Although I was itching to add some art on top. 

Cheers all,

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