Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Born Pretty Store Review,

Today's review is a review of the Silicone Remover Wraps linked here from Born Pretty Store linked here. I've wanted to test these out forever, as I've always used foil and cotton balls to remove my glitters and Gel Polish. The problem with foil, is it cracks and is difficult to keep in place.

This product fixed all of that! To prepare to use these, I cut my cotton balls in half to use half in each tip.

Once I had them settled as needed, it was simple a matter of the usual ten minutes to wait. You are even able to do things while wearing them unlike foil!

One last note was a genius little detail they added on the inside. Little scrubbing nubs that allow you to rub any residual polish off on the way out with a few quick rubbing twists.
If you want to try these out, use this 10% off discount code UNGX31 they are offering my readers!

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