Saturday, January 7, 2017

Digital Dozen Does Decades, Tuesday

I picked 70's for my second decade in Digital Dozen Does Decades week. I was born is '79 and the colour palettes and f the 70's were so hideous in my opinion, that I immediately wanted to come up with a crazy '70's look. My base is the sea foam coloured On Stranger Tides from OPI. I stamped orange dots with OPI Shop Til Sunset and then added the trippy flowers and peace sign  using Revlon Espresso. As an afterthought, I dotted with acrylic paint in a tomato shade at the end to really capture the tacky feel I was going for.

This one was so much fun to play with. Tacky on purpose was kinda satisfying!

Cheers all,


  1. The 70s may have had ugly colours but they are distinctive! Love your interpretation!

  2. I love how those flowers turned out!! The colors look great!

  3. I can remember my parents house decorated in these colours!