Saturday, February 20, 2016

Born Pretty, Stamper and Pallet Ring Review

I was recently sent some nail art goodies from Born Pretty Store linked here for review. In this post I have the Pallet Ring linked here and the Double Ended Marshmallow Stamper linked here. I decided to use my silicone mat to work on my decal making skills. For my colours I used Bam, Zip and Zap from Indie Polish. These great neons had th pop I was looking for in the stamping decal.

I used the ring for filling my decal stripes, and it really was easier having the polish close to your work instead of in a margarine lid farther away. because this is a ring, there is also no worry you will fumble and drop it.

Here are the decals all filled and drying on my mat before application.

I used Bundle Monster plate BM-... for my images here and wanted to show you how great the pick-up was on both ends of the stamper. The first image is the large head and the second is the small. The small was still big enough for a full nail image.

Here's the look! I'm very happy with this awesome neon stripe! Decal's are going to take some practice, but this one is fun and I didn't wreck any during the process either!

The Born Pretty Marshmallow stamper needed some buffing with a smooth sided nail block, but afterwards was amazing to work with. The ring was imensly helpful and I will be using this one for all future free hand looks for sure.

Cheers all, and make sure to check out Born Pretty Store and their huge selection nail art supplies. If you do, use this 10% off discount code UNGX31 they are offering my readers!
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  1. This look so great! I have that ring but I have yet to try using it yet... Maybe I'll have to pull it out tonight! :)