Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Digital Dozen Does New and Improved, Tuesday

Today we have something for the 'cuteness' fans. I wanted to try out another blobbicure as I think I've only done one in the past. For some reason, I got an octopus in my head that just had to correspond, (something about the tentacles I think). Our minds work in mysterious ways right!

Anyway, the base on this one is Orly Lollipop and the darker shade is Finger Paints Pop Art Purple. I used Ciate Pepperminty for the accent nail base and a mix of the other shades and acrylic paints for my lil buddy Bubbles here.

He turned out super cute and even better once I added the matte. So far, 2/2 on styles I need to use more. I especially like the blobbing used with the freehand in this look. Check out my girls below, and you may also notice some fantastic new faces listed!

Cheers all,