Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digital Dozen Does Autumn, Sunset In The Forest!

I still have one look to complete, but so far I'm most proud of this fall forest sunset look I created after being inspired by @_lastraga on Instagram. I used all acrylic paints for my forest and foliage over a thermal base of Echoes Polish Pixi Stix 2.0. I was hoping for a little sunset magic and wasn't disappointed. Take a look at the cool sunset effect I achieved when The colour change kicked in. Sunset in the forest!!

Make sure to check out my girls and their designs for today's day three of Digital Dozen does Autumn. (Side note, and a bit morbid, but I also thought it looked a bit like the fire scene from the movie Bambie!)

Cheers all,


  1. These are phenomenal! Love how perfectly abstract it is!

  2. These look SO amazing! I love the color-changing background!