Thursday, July 2, 2015

OMD3, Day 2 Peach and Midas Inspired

Today's look is a a double challenge combo that worked out beautifully! Today is Wiki Challenge Midas day over with the A2Z girls and Peach over at OMD3 Day 2. I chose to use Penny Talk by Essie as my glittery 'Midas' inspired rich stamping on a two coat base of Be Mine from Rainbow Honey. The glitter in Be Mine matches Penny Talk perfectly. The Mendala stamping image is from Bundle Monster and I thought it looked like a window frame that could be in King Midas' castle.

Below you will find what happens when you try and knock out a blog post with a four year old in the house. The minion is from the newly released Minion Kinder Eggs. My boys liked these eggs a lot, and our second contained a cute Minion Keychain we'll be hanging from his new backpack for starting Kindergarten...LE sigh!!!

Oddest bottle shot ever...check!

Finishing up today with a macro. Check out that coppery glitter in that peachy goodness.

Cheers all,