Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stained Glass Nails Fail, 52 Week Challenge

These are technically a fail. I was trying all Sunday afternoon to create a stamping decal in a glitter flower design is to go over this background. I repeatedly wrecked them. Too impatient I guess. I decided to give up and used Sally Holiday Glitter in red to drag on a little punch and sparkle and I gave up.
I used images;
and Klean Color Concrete Grey as my base. So, even these are a complete fail for the Stain Glass and Mosaic prompt for today's 52 Week Challenge I actually love them. I guess they are sort of still Mosai-ish!

I went on to matte them for the last two pictures and the ai lied the subtle double stamping even more! It's a shame it didn't turn out. I've been seeing lots of the stained glass style stamping lately. I really liked these though, so lose/win!
Cheers all,

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