Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, My Old Mani, Indie Polish, Blazing Sun Burn

This manicure is for the prompt Your Old Mani. I thought about that one as I've done so many, and settled on a dots and roses combo. You guys know me and my dots and roses! I chose to do this over the Blazing Sun Burn polish from Indie Polish I showed you guys. Available soon in the shop linked here. 

I used black acrylic for my dots, and white and orange acrylic for my roses. I love the final look, although I felt rusty on creating the roses.

Top coat really changed the look of this beautiful polish too. Hope you guys are ready for me to go off the rails again...tomorrow's post is a little (lot) out there!

Cheers all,


  1. This is pretty! Blazing Sun Burn is gorgeous as well!

  2. Such a beautifully done manicure. :)

    1. Thanks Jessica. It was fun looking back too.

  3. Lovely nail polish and stunning nail art.

  4. OMG that polish is just EVERYTHING ... and i love your nail art too. It's like a pattern, on top of a pattern :) xx