Thursday, January 22, 2015

Indie Polish, Fit To Be Tied Swatch and Review

***Sent for review and art
With the challenge up, it's been awhile since I did a good swatch post. So when Indie polish sent me her Valentines Duo and something else awesome...still to come...I jumped on board! I've swatched and worked with four of the polishes sent, and guys they are amazing to work with! This first is Fit To Be Tied from the duo and will be in shop linked here shortly! This was just two coats. It's super unique in the colour flashes it has in a charcoal grey base. I couldn't stop staring. It's like a rainbow in the night or the Northern Lights in a bottle.

Tomorrow I'm pop up Rapture, and it really is Rapturous! I also will be sharing some art creations shortly for all of these. Can't wait to share. Don't forget to grab these limited duo's while you can in the Indie Polish shop linked here.

Cheers all,