Friday, December 5, 2014

Smile Sciences Review

Sent for review.

I was recently sent this teeth whitening kit by Smile Sciences linked here for review. As someone who already whitens, and was due for a touch up this came as a welcome opportunity. My previous experience was with a very similar and pretty expensive kit available through my dentists office. Let me  start off by saying this kit is a huge value in comparison $29 for my readers with code ladymaidnails vs the approximate $200 I payed for my old one, and this blew my old kit out of the water.

Here is what you will find in your kit. The molding trays for top and bottom, the on the go whitening pen, the syringe with whitening material for use with the trays, the booster LED light and the instruction booklet.

So pardon the lack of sunshine here in Canada for these photos, but I wanted to show you where I began.

Using this handy colour guide that is included in the kit, I placed myself at a starting shade of 6. My lower teeth were about two shades darker.

Below you will see me using the LED light...just had to show you!

After the first use I immediately saw a change. The two photos to follow are at my midpoint during treatment. I have used the trays and light three times and the on the go pen once. I can already see huge progress after these treatments and was very happy with the ease of use and instructions for this kit.

At this point I have used the kit five times and the pen just the once for a touch up when I was away. The biggest...HUGE benefit to this kit, is the lack of sensitivity I have had since I began. My previous kit made my sensitive teeth extremely sore and I had to slow my treatment. To date I have suffered none of this.

My only knock on this kit is that the material has a bitter taste, but so did my old kit and it wasn't overpowering. Final thoughts, this kit does an amazing job whitening and I had no issues using this kit. I would recommend this to anyone. This kit is available through the Smile Sciences website linked here and I have a discount code ladymaidnails that brings the price of the kit to $29.

Cheers all,

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