Wednesday, May 7, 2014

LeadLight Technique, First Try

So, this is my first real attempt at Leadlight technique or stamp 'glazing'. I think most of us have tried to fill in stamps with a detail brush before, but this is much better. Simply choose a pattern with fillable segments and stamp black on white as my first picture shows.

I then chose some jellies and shimmers from my stash that I knew to be very thin. Using a tiny dotting tool, you just dot on the colour into the negative spaces. I really enjoyed this and you should all try it out. One tip, keep giving yourself fresh drops of colour as it thickens quickly and you get those stringy bits.

The only thing I would change would be to fill in the background the next time in the same way. Also, my coral colour was a tiny bit more opaque than I would like. Maybe I'll invest in the sheer tints set soon! Oh, one more hint, I stamped one image on paper so I could swipe colours over to check their sheerness.

Cheers all,

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