Wednesday, April 23, 2014

GG Birds and Striped Gradient

Hohoho...I feel like Santa, because I have another present for you! More decal magic from Green Goddess Creations! I liked these small coloured swallows soo much, (linked here) that I forgot to take a picture of the super fun striped gradient underneath. The idea for this look came from a blog I follow personally, Kerruticles and Claire's look is linked here for her striped gradient. I don't think I've seen this style gradient, so I wanted to try right away! Mine was created with a five piece mini nude kit from OPI. It was stunning by itself, kind of like neopolitan ice cream, but those swallows! Sooo cute in person. This had a dreamy feel.

To get the mirrored look for this I flipped over one of the decals and applied it upside down. If you haven't already, you must check out all the decals over at Lelia's store linked here. I can't wait to put together something using the Harry Potter decals she also sent!

Cheers all,

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  1. You are so clever, girl! I love the flipped over decal so they're facing each other. Beautifully done, as always!