Thursday, January 23, 2014

Laquerlicious Shoreline Cruise with Freehand Sailboat Nail Art

This is another fab polish from Laquerlicious called Shoreline Cruise. This is only one coat over two coats of Naby Sky. I adored the glitter combo in this polish. All blues, greens and yellows in a huge mix of shapes and sizes. I think this would be super versatile over dark polishes, but even more so in the spring. It's just so fresh feeling.

For the art I decided to use the polish name literally as my inspiration, and I'm glad I did. This is exactly the kind of nail art I like when other people do it, so I'm kind of proud. I've been preparing a bunch of freehand the last few days, so I hope you will look forward to seeing them.

For the sunset and water I used the following,

Sally Hansen White on as the base.
Naby Sky and Sation It's all Navy Baby for the water.
NYX Fierce Purple, Avon Painted Peony and OPI Shop Til Sunset for the sunset.
The island and boat were done on the horizon line with black acrylic.

This last photo is indirect sunlight.

Any requests for specific freehand? I'd be happy to be challenged, just comment below!

Cheers All,


  1. Thank you sweets, trying to get back to more freehand.

  2. I really like the glitter polish. And that freehand, WOW. It's so good! x

    1. Thanks so much Emma. I've been thinking of doing a top five ever post since I did this.

  3. Can I just ROCKED that nail art. It goes perfectly with that polish and looks amazing! Now I want the nails and the polish :) So glad you shared these Amanda, they are just beautiful! xo

    1. Your the best babes! Thanks for the support and ego boost! I just emailed you some love!!