Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wiki Nail Challenge, Tesla Nail Art

SO today I'm jumping back into the A2Z Challenge with the girls, but we have a twist! The girls decided to change it up for a while and use Wikipedia random ideas to generate our challenge prompts. Neat idea...and challenging too.

My first prompt is a gentleman named Nikola Tesla over at Wikipedia linked here. He was an inventor who worked in electricity and had some pretty way out there ideas about society. I used Bm-305 for my double stamped lightning bolts on a base of Glam Polish Don't Make me Blush.I figured I'd go with bolts of lightning as I've done an Electricity Ball nail design in the past.

(I just love the sunshine floral shots you can get in summer!)

This last macro is of my fave finger. The double stamped lightning turned out pretty cool.

Cheers all,