Thursday, June 12, 2014

Laquerlicious, Lady Liberty

From the untrieds, what?

Yup! I've had this a while and never used it. Well not true, I used it for this and then it sat in my drafts and I forgot. But not on purpose, lookie how pretty! This two easy coats of Lady Liberty. Let me tell you, this one's fantastic is every way! I just loved the look and the formula. For my accent I put two coats of a coppery gold that thinking back I'm pretty sure was a China Glaze. I then added the square stud.

Weird side story, the stud on the gold polish had some sort of reaction and actually stained my accent fingers on both hands in that square shape. I'm still growing this off.

So lovely. If you are a teal fan at all, I highly recommend this one. Something about the light teal and copper together is so polished looking.

Cheers all,

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