Monday, September 9, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 9, Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow manicure
Way up high,
There's a polish I heard of  
Once in a lullaby.

I don't apologize for that dork out moment...ok maybe a little!
I've done a full rainbow dotticure before as I mentioned yesterday, so I wanted to try something different. 
I was playing around with wax paper decal making last night and decided to use the rainbow colours just in case anything cool came out of it that I could use.

I made the dots and some dry water marble pieces I'm saving for future use. Then I made a strip of the rainbow colours and put them in my cupboard to dry. When I checked later, one had tipped over and the colours ran into each other. Happy Mistake! The effect was so cool, that I recreated it for the other finger in the contrasting colours. 

I let these dry overnight and applied them as decals over China Glaze Fairy Dust as a base. The colours used are as follows;
-Sally Hansen Instadri, Rapid Red
-China Glaze, Orange Knockout
-NYC Lexington Yellow and Sally Hansen HD 05 (metallic yellow)
-Orly, Green with Envy
-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Blue Me Away
-The Purple is a Glitter Franken I made

The triangles made of dots are supposed to represent colour wheels...hello grade eight art class!!!

I think these are pretty neat and will definitely try this 'happy accident' again. I don't think I've seen these runny colour nails before! See you tomorrow for a pretty little gradient. Have a great day!

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