Friday, November 18, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Colour Contrast, Thursday

In case you're wondering why I'm jumping in mid week for Digital Dozen Does Colour Contrast week, it's because I started a new job on Monday, and have been growing out and healing a severe break/cut on my ring finger.

Today's look is a bit of a cheat using black as my contrast on this purple Gelaze Spontaneous. This was a conscious decision though, because there's nothing I like to wear more than a crisp black or white on a more subtle colour. For the look, I did two coats of the purple gel and added a black French gel tip. Once cured, I stamped in regular black polish and sealed in gel top coat.

I liked this look, and actually received a ton of compliments considering it wasn't overly complicated.  Don't forget to check out the looks the girls have been working on in the Inlinkz below.

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Does Colour Contrast, Friday.

So, I was looking for inspiration for this look for Digital Dozen week and happened to watch Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas linked here with my kids on Wednesday night. We start Christmas Specials in November! We were watching a segment that stars Minnie and Daisy as competitors in a figure skating competition. They were wearing colours that totally reminded me of Lottie Dottie from KBShimmer, and this look was born. I used two coats of the polish for my insta-contrast in a bottle and then added double line stamping stripes to represent the ribbons the characters twirl in the competition.

Weird inspiration I know, but a glitter cruelly was perfect for this week...once I thought of it. As an FYI, the Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas is amazing! I have some more colour contrast looks coming up soon on nail tips as I kept up my freehand practice for fun while I was growing out my ring finger. 

Cheers all,

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Birthday's, Unicorn Wood

So today's look is another Digital Dozen Does Birthday's post. This is where a member of the group that's having a birthday chooses an image and we have a giant Twinsie post! This month we celebrate the birthday of the fabulous Amber Hess of Nails Like Lace linked here.
Amber chose the image below of this magical looking wood we ended up calling 'Unicorn Wood.' (Yes, this did lead to some interesting jokes in our group!)

Even though I'm taking a bit of a break to grow out a painful break, I had to jump in to celebrate Amber. I used a base of Nails Inc Mayfair Lane and sponged on purple, blue and dark pink Squeeze Pigments from YH Beja that I reviewed a million years ago. I then stamped with a mixed pickup of white and blue polish using the wood grain image from BM-608.

I loved this, and tried to get photos. The tiny pink glitters from China Glaze You're Too Sweet. The micro glitters decided to really freak out my camera! Oh well, still super cool in person.

Happy Birthday Amber!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#clairestelle8halloween, Black Cats. Halloween Nails

This look I created a while back for #clairestelle8halloween but couldn't post due to some other business. I loved this one though. My base is OPI Eurso Euro, I then added my chevron stamping and my details in acrylic paint.

My kitty definitely turned out creepy, and maybe a little fat! I also really like my floral nails.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 18 Clairestelle8 Halloween Bats Nail Art

So I had a massively low break on my swatch hand and decided to give it a bit of time to grow out. I have a few more looks I've pre-done for #clairestrlle8halloween, but I created this bat prompt look on a tip. I've never actually done art on a tip before, it was fun! I created a gradient using orange acrylic paint over OPI Schnapps Out Of It. I then mixed a nice coordinating brown shade for the background trees. Once dry I uadded the front black tree trunks to give a depth to my background. Once I was happy I added my bat in acrylic paint on top.

I matted it out and totally loved this finished piece.

Cheers all,

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkins for #clairestelle8halloween. My Indie Polish, The GreatPumpkin.

These were my Pumpkin nails for #clairestelle8halloween on a great polish I had to pick up recently from My Indie Polish. My leaves and pumpkin design were all acrylic paint.

On to the polish, this is two coats of the best thermal ever! This creamy off white/orange shimmer is amazing. Totally great formula and packed with shimmer. I couldn't get over th colour combo when I saw it go on pre-order and had to have it. 

I wasn't disappointed and love this polish.

Cheers all,

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oct 15 Clairestelle8 Skulls.

Today's look is for #clairestelle8halloween and the prompt Skulls. I wanted to go a little off the rails with the colours I chose, and I went with some blues. I Used a base of OPI Sky's The Limit and stamped a rose pattern from BM-618 over top in Nabi Sky. I then added the skulls from Hehe-046 in white and used parts of a tribal design to add just portions of lines.

Once dry, I added black acrylic dots into the eye wholes of each skull to make them feel a little darker. What do you think of my off the wall skulls on roses design?

Cheers all,