Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Girls Night Out Nails with Pink Voltage

This is just a quick post, cause I'm pretty sure I've seen almost the exact same manicure out there. 

I've had these polish strips in my cupboard for about a year and thought why not use them. I'm going to see Mortal Instruments with a friend tonight so it's a good enough reason.(hmmm maybe I'll do Mortal Instruments nails this week! )

Anyway, ‎this is 3 coats of China Glaze Pink Voltage plus topcoat. I felt this one needed three as there was some balding and streaking. The accent finger is Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish Strips in Love Letter. I've heard mixed reviews on the strips, but I had no trouble with application or lifting.I did put a topcoat on it after the photos just to be sure.

Anyone notice the odd freak out my camera did with the Pink Voltage? Never did that before!
Well that's it. Simply sweet girls night manicure!

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