Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 10, Gradient

So these are cute, cute, cute! I've seen lots out there like this and decided I needed to copy, copy, copy! Pardon the photos, these were the first pictures I've taken in the light box at night and the colour temperature kept changing. This ex tech nerd will need to work on this next time I P.M. polish! Any tips gals?

Anywho, I used Sally Hansen White On for base and the gradients were Joe Fresh Cloud with the white and the pink is Sally Hansen Berry Juicy. The lil sweethearts are Cala Nail Decorations I bought ages ago from Nail Polish Canada. The glitter is Sally Hansen Strobe Light over the same pink.

The last two were direct sunlight the next morning. Please ignore how dry my hands are getting from this everyday challenge...blogger hazard I suppose!

These are fun, but I think could be pretty versatile. Good polishing girls!

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