Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 11, Polka Dots

These were very easy and I love them! You know you love a mani when you stare at it repeatedly doing wiggle fingers. Ooh, two nerd moments in one week, you got me!

The base was my current standby white, Sally Hansen White On. Then I sponged on the gradient with China Glaze Holographic Don't be a Luna-tic. After that I used a dotting tool for spots over top. I love how the spots seem to fade away to nothing, and the colour combo turned out nice too.

Last two are direct sunlight.

Side note, I was wondering if anyone from outside Canada has been thinking the Canadian bloggers can't spell color/colour. Pretty funny when I thought about how often I use the word, and it is spelled different outside of Canada.

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