Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30, Never Tried

So guys, I've wanted to do this...craftivity...for a while, hence the never tried prompt. I even prepped these stamping decals ages ago, which might have been the problem. First thing, this is a neon acrylic gradient over white topped with Rainbow Honey Magic Cake. Now on to the fun troubles! I took my kinda stiff old nail decals and trimmed them into these cute little squares. I top coated with slow drying top coat so I'd have time to manoeuvre them and then Seche. Now I'm posting these anyway because they still look awesome and have a lot of potential, but these would be a fail for me because those cute little squares just wouldn't sit down!

Funny enough, these are exactly how I pictured them other then the sticking up. Maybe I should just call it a 3D design!

Cheers all,

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