Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Manicure, from the Vault!

I completely spaced and thought St. Patricks day was mid week this year, so I thought I had time! Ehhhh, wrong! I planned a cute manicure and was going to post last year's pre-blog St. Patricks Day manicure as well. Since I have nothing done for today, figured I might as well still give you last year's. I think I need to put all the smaller holidays in my blogger calendar, because apparently if I'm not going out I forget it's coming. 

Here is my pot of gold manicure I created. This was all polish, though I couldn't tell you what I used now. I'm still pretty proud of that pot of gold. 

Have a great day, enjoy your corned beef, green beers and potatoes!  

Cheers all,

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