Saturday, August 24, 2013

Quick and Dirty: Stamping Decal Butterfly

Now I call this a quick and dirty post not because it was extremely quick or my clean up was that bad...but because it's a pre-blog manicure.

I've been keeping a folder in my phone of all my previous nail art. Cell phone photography and clean up aside I have some great old manicures I may drop in from time to time! 

This is China Glaze White on White double stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and a Sally Holiday Glitter 812017. I then added the sweet little butterfly that I prepared using the stamping decal technique and an image from Salon Express plate SE18. He really is the perfect little butterfly for stamping!

Top coat to seal, and Bob's your uncle! Sweet and easy! I got loads of compliments on these. I would love to know what folks are thinking of the blog so far and get constructive criticism from any fellow nail bloggers. 

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