Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Lady Maid Nails!

Welcome to Lady Maid Nails, my little slice of the nail Universe! 

Last Halloween my son asked me to do monsters on my fingers with polish. I turned on my iPad and fell down the rabbit hole and into the wonderland that is the Nail Art community. 

It's been almost a year, and my pretty little obsession hasn't slowed down. I've dreamed of sharing my nail art with newbies and like minded nail ladies. I decided that my birthday present to myself this year would be this blog. 

So Happy Birthday to me and  Happy Blog birth as well!

Now on to the nails!

I decided my first post had to have a Birthday theme. My kids 'got' me the new Bundle Monster Holiday plates for my birthday, so I was able to use plates #BMH19 and BMH20 for the candles, present, balloons and Happy Birthday images.

I used a base of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On. The two gradients and red and silver accents were all Sally Hansen Instadry Silver Sweep and the other Instadry Rapid Red. The black accents are all China Glaze Liquid Leather. I then used striping tape to make the lines on my pinkie then added the dots with a dotting tool and some to the balloon nail.As a note, Rapid Red stamps amazing but is more difficult to clean. So I'm sorry for having two pink fingers!

Well that's it I think. Thank you for coming and please come back. I have lots of fresh and fun ideas to share. 


  1. Your nails are so fun! Love the butterfly, was it difficult to get the different colours on the stamp?

  2. No it isn't. The neat thing about decals, is when you use a small brush to fill in the areas with polish it is technically the back you are painting. So as long as you are mostly accurate once you flip it onto your nail the outlines are crisp on the other side. Try it out, way easier than it looks!