Thursday, April 13, 2017

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Easter Nail Look...But Totally Unplanned!

Ok, so I'm a big lover of happy surprises, and this one snuck up on me! I was going for girlie, because that's another thing for the Getting To Know Me file...I'm very girlie. I was looking to come up with a totally girly look, so I grabbed this doily image from BMXL-01 and a huge handful of polish!

I created an awesome girlie distressed base on Orly Lollipop and then stamped and matted the whole thing. Once I was finished, the whole thing ended up so Easter-ish it hit on an unplanned thing about love of holidays! I wasn't going for Easter, but it worked out well with this week falling on Easter!

I loved it! Funny thing about Getting To Know Me week is that so far, I've ended up with all looks I'd wear to dust!

Cheers all,