Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lac Attack Amortentia, Valentines Beauty

I wanted to start giving you options for what to wear at Valentines! I love Valentines, but even though some folks don't, we can still all have fab looking nails for the holiday. I plan to give you a few looks over the next few weeks, maybe even an anti-valentines look for those who'd like to go that route.

I started with a simple Layering look. No nail art skill needed, but definately Valentines appropriate. This is one coat of Lac Attack Amortentia over China Glaze High Voltage. My favorite neon pink.

The next Valentines look is vintage roses, and I loved the look and hope you will too. I'll post those for you soon, along with some non Valentines related goodies!

Cheers All,


  1. Oh wow that is a good polish for Valentine's Day! Very pretty!

    1. This was me starting easy for Valentines. My next one is sooo cute. I like Valentines, so I'm doing a few.