Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 3. Clash of Clans Nail Art

So I was still having trouble with another Fandom idea when one of the girls mentioned video games. I don't play any system games right now, so I hadn't considered it. I am however newly addicted to Dominations and Clash of Clans with my family and friends. So in honor of the many nights of attacks and building with my husband and the great clan we are members of with our friends, this is one of the Barbarian Horde from Clash of Clans. Hilarious! I decided the base for this had to be Crash from My Indie Polish...cause it's green like the grass, beautiful and the name suits amazingly too.

If you haven't tried either game, Clash is cuter by far and Dominations is a little more realistic. Both are similar and excellent time wasters!

Cheers all,


  1. LoL! The game my hubby claims he is not addicted to, yet is constantly playing! You captured that character perfectly!

  2. I don't play the game but I recognized the character right away from the commercials. Amazing art!

    1. Thanks, and I love those commercials!

  3. You got these totally spot on! I don't play the game either but with all the ads for it I feel like I should.

  4. I've never played this but I recognize the little dude! I also love the base on this!

  5. perfect nail art! I haven't played the game but love what you did!

  6. Haha this is awesome! I've never played this game, but definitely recognize this guy from the commercials! Great job!