Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 2 Disney

So Disney! I've loved Disney since I was a kid and still watch all the new releases. So for me Disney fits as a Fandom. Two recent faves were Frozen and Brave. I decided to go with Olaf today, cause well...its Olaf! I was inspired for this image by an Olaf book I've been reading to my little guy for a couple days. This entire look was Acrylic paint by the time I was done. Our little friend here is just watching the clouds go by after a nice sunny picnic on the castle grounds. Olaf does so love summer!

The picture below shows the book I pulled the look from. So cute!

I loved this one, and I've decided I need to do more Disney manis. Doesn't Olaf look a little sleepy in macro?

Cheers all,