Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Theme Week Challenge

There is a big nail art challenge coming in July called Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux (OMD2) and it starts July 1. I'm still on the fence as its another everyday challenge, but for now I'm diving into the weekly challenge that starts this week and goes through June. All the info if you want to take part is linked here on Eeeeknailpolish.

So here is my week one design. I've done a lot of animal print lately, so I stepped it up a bit and did this one over a gradient, and made the leopard print more subtle this round.

I also made you guys a tutorial as I went along in case you are interested in recreating this one.
Step 1: Apply base colour, I chose NYC Lexington Yellow. This is two coats.
Step 2: With a makeup wedge dab your gradient with one swipe of each coulor on the wedge per nail. I allowed each pass to dry and did two or three passes per finger to achieve this look. My purple was Rimmel I Lilac You
Step 3: Using acrylic white paint and a dotting tool add some small splodges.
Step 4: Using acrylic grey and the dotting tool add grey spodges around the white and fill in any blank areas with little bits of the grey.
Step 5: Clean up with qtip, cleanup brush and acetone. Topcoat twice.

Below are some housekeeping shots I'd like to share...aka shots that didnt make it anywhere else, but were too good to trash! The first is stamping over Concerning Hobbits from the new Ruby White Tips Hobbit collection linked here.

This last was just Color Club Cloud Nine that I wore recently and the sun hit it just right. Had to grab a snap! Please check out the other Leopard Print works of art linked below.

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