Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trick or Treat - oct 10

So under this macro microscope I don't love these. In person though, tres fun! I used OPI City Shopper as a base, and then splodged on LA Colors Nuclear Energy with a make up sponge. This gave this soft watered down look. Then I stamped China Glaze Liquid Leather with BM-H07.

 I wanted to show you how the Trick Or Treat stamp didn't fit even on my longer nails. I think my shorties are part of the problem, but as you can see this would be too wide for most as well.

So on my other hand I chose to pick up just the word trick and webbing. Then I grabbed the bottom webbing and added that separately. Next time I would add treat to another finger, but I really wanted those skulls, and they were done first. 

These are pretty fun. Although my husband saw them and said, "so it's Halloween all month is it!" Yes, Yes it is!

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