Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ghosts - oct 13

Sorry these are late, I had a lot of turkey to eat over the weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving. These are my Ghost Nail Entry for the Halloween Challenge I've been participating in on Instagram. These ones I ended up doing Twinsies with the talented @imjteets on Instagram. Her and her lovely stilettos  will be mentioned in many upcoming posts after my first nail date last week. Jeni supported my hobby by gifting me all her dupes! And I got some lovely stuff to show you guys coming up, even my first Indies!

So onto the art, these were a base of OPI DS Magic, (swatch coming soon) the shadow was Color Club Holo in Beyond, the ghost body Nicole by OPI Imagine If and the glitter along the edge is Quo by Orly Trash Glam. Then I dotted the eyes in China Glaze Liquid Leather. Topper is KB Shimmer Clearly On Top. All these great colours were gifts from Jeni including the Top Coat which has been great over art so far!

 In case your wondering why the similar poses, the above pics were all different lighting, trying to get the holo to fly for you guys!

These last are the fingers of the as above mentioned Jeni. Make sure to check her out if you are on Instagram. I fairly love hers over mine, don't you?

Cheers all, I have a very awesome post for you coming extremely soon!


  1. love this ! you have very interesting nail arts ! it will gives to me many ideas !♥

    1. Thanks. These were a twin post with a friend. Both turned out really cute.

    2. i see the different ! i do really like it.and probably i will try to make some similar with indigo blue polish :-)
      see you girl !!!!!!! and thanks for your time ! love your creations :-)