Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 31, Nails I Love

So my very first blog I started following was Kelsie's Nail Files. Kelsie is a fellow Canadian, and does lovely work. I couldn't think of a better nail artist to emulate for this prompt.

These nails are actually my version of her most recent post which was featured in Nail It Magazine. See, very talented! Anyway, mine started with a base of Finger Paints Don't Make a Scene. I then created a gradient with some OPI polish. Problem is these were swag from a MasterCard event, so I can't for sure tell you the actual colours. The red says Passion for Fashion, the orange Shop 'Til Sunset. My friend attended an event, and thought of me! Lovely friend, with many manicures in her future!

Here is a photo of the gradient before I added the design.

I realized halfway through I can't find my detail brush, so these were done with a toothpick and dotting tool. I really do like them though. Not as fantastic as Kelsie's, but I hope she'd be proud.

I added gold nail studs and voila! Fall lovelies for you. This is the last post for the challenge. I should for sure thank my husband for his patience during the challenge. Now it's time to regrow that left hand and rest my cuticles. But don't worry, I still have lots of posts lined up...just maybe not every single day!!


  1. Beautiful nails Amanda! I've loved looking at your creations throughout the challenge. I'm also glad the OPI worked out. The color looks fantastic on these nails. Keep up the oh so pretty work ;)
    Rachel ( posted as anonymous as I couldn't figure out any other way..lol)

  2. All thanks to you and my first three bottles of OPI.

  3. Thanks so much. Kelsie's were absolutely stunning! But I'm glad people like mine too.

  4. this is amazing! it looks kinda abstract :D


    1. I definitely think so too. It turned out very abstract.