Friday, September 20, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 20, Water Marble

So this is the most disappointing post of the challenge! Water Marble is a full failure for me so far. I thought about ‎not posting, but maybe you want to see the failures and the success.

Every polish I tried worked first drop, but every drop after just balled up and refused to spread. I tried twelve polish combos. Same results, and this is my fourth attempt. I also tried colder and warmer water temperatures as suggested to me by helpful ladies on Instagram. The only advice I haven't tried is filtered water. Which I have heard can sometimes work. Here is a couple cup shots of my epic fail!


Here is my second attempt a long time ago. I got one finger to work...sort of!

My town has super hard water, so I'm blaming that. I will not let this beat me, so after the challenge is wrapped up I will try again. I really love the results that can be achieved. 


  1. Well done on getting one nail done, at least. I hope you have better luck next time! I really like the colours you've put together - and the somewhat smooshy design looks like something out of a Van Gogh painting... kind of ethereal and dreamy. It's cool.

    1. Your right like maybe the colour palette from Sunflowers, one of my favourites. Makes me feel a little better!