Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 19, Galaxies

So here goes the fun! My first ever Galaxy Manicure. I love these, and they were not difficult at all. Somehow I feel like maybe it's a build up to the epic failure that's coming next with Water Marble. I've been practicing...the polish is refusing to participate. A.K.A won't spread! One band camp I got one finger to work. No seriously, that's as far as I've ever gotten in multiple attempts. 

I hope a failure could be equally entertaining!!!

On to the manicure. The base is China Glaze Liquid Leather followed by Orly Androgynie which was  like made for Galaxy Nails. Then I dabbed on little bits of  the new China Glaze Goldie But Goodie and Rendezvous With You as well as a lilac glitter Franken I made with a cream base. I used Sally Hansen White On to dot in some stars. Then I smudged in a teensiest bit of Color Club Snow Flakes in some empty spaces.

It's a lot of polish, but look how it looks with Topcoat.

Here it is in sunlight and matte!

Now I can't decide matte or not, I think glossy? Guess that's the question.
Tune in for the big one next...da da da (cue doom-like music) -Water Marble!

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