Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 13, Animal Print

For animal print I was fully intending to do one of these fabulous zebra/leopard/bright coloured concoctions! But then we had a visitor. On last Saturday we were eating pizza with friends by our back  sliding door and our friend looked out and said is that a raccoon...a three legged raccoon? We live in the burbs, so seeing a three legged raccoon spying in our door 3 feet away was pretty funny! True story. Kids loved it!

So in honor of my friend Jenn and her friend scar the raccoon...or so I dubbed him here are my raccoon print nails!

For the base I used Sally Hansen Magnetic in Kinetic Copper. I feel the magnetic effect kind of gives the fur like shimmer for me. For the pinkie/tail details, I used a combo of White and Spun Gold Crafter's Acrylic as well as China Glaze Liquid Leather. Same colours for the face followed by topcoat.

Last picture is sunlight.
Well I hope you like my little friend here, and don't worry we didn't offer him any pizza!

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