Monday, February 22, 2016

Born Pretty Store, Clear Jelly Stamper Review

The second the Born Pretty Store (linked here) Clear Jelly Stamper arrived for review I had to test it out! It's my first clear stamper and for their great prices, I needed to know if it worked! I tested out a filled Mandala image for this first test and have used it twice more for upcoming posts as well. I used Go Crazy Red from China Glaze for the stamping polish and filled with a grey from Essence. Once the fill colour was dry to the touch at about 15 minutes I used the clear barrel to line it up dead center on my thumb. First try, and it helped perfectly!

It has also worked great each time I've used it and required no priming. It's available at this link, and you'll get an additional 10% if you use code UNGX31!

Cheers all,


  1. did u have to prime it first I got mine the other day and can't get it to pick up image :0( xx

    1. I wiped it with alcohol just for any residue but did didn't need more than that. At first I thought it wasn't working with an older polish, but then realized my old black is drying out. As soon as I switched to a newer polish it's been great. I've used multiple polishes now too. All great.