Friday, December 18, 2015

Digital Dozen Traditions Day 4, Pinkmas Holly

China Glaze Dance Baby was the base on this pink-mas look. I went for a holly/mistletoe look on these because we put one up in the doorway to our kitchen every year. What made me think of it this year is that twice my boys have gone under at least the same time and ended up giving each other a kiss! (Granted it ended up in a wrestling match...but still priceless!) For my dotticure and holly I used all acrlylic paint, and I was very smitten with this one once the matte coat dried.

Kisses everyone! Now today you were supposed to get my day five, but everything is muddled up due to the stomach bug since last night...all night! This one will have to tide you guys over, but five is done...I just need the energy to water mark/edit and write.....zzzzzzzz.....sorry nodded off! Lol.

Cheers all,

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