Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Digital Dozen Traditions Day 2, Pinkmas Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping gifts and wrapping paper! Less so now that I have kids and it takes soooo much time, but I love hiding a gift to surprise someone in cute paper and bows. I also love how cute wrapping paper has become the last few years. So for Day 2 of Traditionas Week for The Digital Dozen I chose to create a cute wrapping paper look. I chose Bam from Indie Polish as my base because I've really been feeling the Pink-mas look this year. For no reason other than its cute, out of the box and what I wanted to wear. I used Konad White for the stripes and dotted with green and red acrylic paint.

I hope everyone likes the pink-ness because I have two more holiday looks coming up with a little pink about them!

Cheers all,