Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mrs. P's Nail Potions Review, Bear Claus, Bobbing For Baubles, CanadianGold, Peartridge Family Tree, Prism Cell

These gorgeous polishes are available as of today, so make sure to check out the store linked here once you finish the review! Totally a great group of polish!

Bear Claus is the first up in my reviews of all the amazing polish I was sent from Mrs. P's Nail Potions for your pleasure! Bear Claus is a crazy cool brown shimmer with tiny coffee like micro dots. I have never seen another polish like it! This was also scented in a lovely and well lasting Cinnamon Stick scent. Not overpowering and would be excellent for over the fall and holiday season. I've never been into scented polish before, but these changed my mind. This was nearly a one coater, but two for swatch sake, and awesome!

Bobbing For Baubles is a dusty wine coloured holo that smelled of Holiday Apple. It was a lovely smell and the colour worked awesome with my skin tone. I see this one getting a lot of use. It's subtle and classy beautiful!

Canadian Gold, I can't say enough...just soft buttery goodness. Another great formula of butter cream base colour and a sweet gold holo fleck. One of my top faves, and yes the Maple Cream scent was part of the allure!

Peartridge Family Tree. I'm not the biggest lover of green, but this one would be a great addition to your stash for holiday wear or nail art! A green shimmer with a touch of holo, this one was fun and two coats. The French Pear scent on this one was also great, and I haven't met a Mrs. P's yet with a nasty or overpowering sent.

Prism Cell is a white/grey holo with an amazing holo impact. This one was straight up in my top two polishes of the ones I reviewed. This was a great formula and a simple three coats, but could be a two coater. I am most interested in this one for use as an art base. I can picture a million uses for this. It's also the closest I've tried to a true White holo! MY LEMMING!

All in all these five were all super easy formula, and all very unique in my opinion. I would fully recommend this group of polish, and Canadian Gold and Prism Cell are both NEED to haves! I have more and more of these lovelies coming in the next few days, and even some inspired art!!

Cheers all,

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