Friday, August 28, 2015

POP goes the finger tattoos!

Today I have a gorgeous look I whipped up over Picture Polish Imperial. I stamped this fab leaves image from Bundle Monster over two easy coats of Imperial in Konad White. Then I dotted on the teal flower petals and outlined in black acrylic. I only added a few flowers for the POP of color, but I just loved the look. I also matted the whole thing.

Next I added these super cool Gold Flash Water Slide Tattoos from Lady Queen Beauty shop linked here.  These things are amazingly fun and easy to work with. Just like any water applied tattoo you've ever tried, but with a metallic twist. I cant wait to use these more! as you can see the image is large, and can be used in many ways, and many separate uses, if you just cut out the portions you want! I also have a discount code of ELLC15  for you guys to use.

I used the alternating teal and gold pattern across my knuckles. These lasted a few days even though they were on my hands. When I was ready, a good scrub with water and soap removed them easily.

What do you think? Wild and fun!! Their selection of images for these tattoos is very fun and totally worth a browse. Don't forget Lady Queen gave me that 15% discount for you to use as well ELLC15 .

Cheers all,

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