Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dragon Claw Polish, Bea. Floral Double Stamping

Today's look is a Floral on Bea from Dragon Claw Polish. You'll remember this gorgeous squishy Blue, and I've really been wanting to use it for something summery. Today's look is one of those oopsie-wait I love it moments. I started with two coats of Bea then stamped the tropical floral image in silver and then again in Konad White. The silver didn't show as much as I hoped on blue, so I double stamped in the white. This ended up giving the final look a shimmering shadow or halo look that I really liked.

As you may have noticed, this one was completed prior to my chop down. I have a few others, so you guys are going to be on a long and short roller coaster for the next bit! Fun!

Cheers all,

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