Friday, June 12, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 5 NAIL ART!

So I'm pretty sure almost all my Digital Dozen Sisters did one mani inspired by our number one Fandom for Fandom Week. A Fandom is something that you are crazy interested in and follow, and join in its community. Well with that said, the number one Fandom of my life is nails itself. So this adorable mani with a new to me technique is dedicated to the nail world and my love for it.

My love for nail art started with stamping. I got my first Bundle Monster set right near the beginning. In fact, my first blog post was stamping. I chose stamping for this mani and did a multicolour swipe bark image with Pow, Zap and Bam from the My Indie Polish summer line over a white base. Then I stamped a black swirl in Konad Black. Both images are from Vivid Lacquer VL-019.

This macro is of the pinky on Cindy, it was my fave. I loved the way the black dropped a bit and showed through more of the under design.

Cheers all,


  1. Hooray for nail art/stamping!! My first blog post was stamping too. These are super pretty!

  2. The two patterns go so well together!

  3. Great idea!! These turned out so pretty!