Friday, December 19, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art

What is up with this picture? Well, it was a bad light day here in Ontario when I did this one. All my pics were meh at best. I took this one while picking up my son from the rain...and it turned out best! So you just get the one, but I'm pretty happy with the design. This design is a replica of my good friends ugly Christmas's not ugly Stef! She bought it for a family photo, but hated the tomato red! So in honor of Stef's tomato red Christmas sweater and my nanna who used to make us this style, here we go.

The tomato red base is OPI Passion For Fashion, and the design was done in acrylic. If you love this look, the sweater is actually still available at Old Navy linked here.

I love holiday style sweaters, hope you guys enjoyed this look.

Cheers all,