Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Challenge Glitter Prompt, Yukon Cornelius Nails

"Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, means so much more when I see. Silver and Gold decorations...on every Christmas tree!"

Today a little Yukon Cornelius fun for you. Yukon and his ice picks are done in acrylic over a base of Color Club Twiggie and a mix of green and yellow polishes sponged on top. The gold is Ruby White Tips Smaug's Gold, and an unnamed silver glitter topper. And what could be more 'glitter', then Silver and Gold. I'm super happy with how cute Yukon turned out, he's just so funny!

This is a design of my own, and not too hard for you guys to try out.
Difficulty: Medium
Time: 17 Minutes

Getting closer to the holiday folks, what are you planning to wear on your fingers for your festivities?

Cheers all,