Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Buck Na.ked Soap Company Review, Lavender and Rosemary All Natural Lotion Bar

Sent for review.

First thing today, I want all my ladies to get Buck Naked! 

Now that I have your attention, I'm going to help change the quality of your skin. No exaggeration either. I was recently sent a ‎tin of Lavender and Rosemary All Natural Lotion Bar from Buck Na.Ked Soap Company on Etsy. The shop is linked here. 
Before this product my most recent care items were a rich glycerin hand cream and a good cuticle oil pen. I th‎ought my fingers were doing well lately, even though I still struggled with hangnails on my thumb. I gave myself two weeks to test this before writing this review to give it a chance to work. 

The tin I was sent is lavender and rosemary sc‎ent, which I love! It also is available in unscented for those of you with sensitivity. The lotion is in bar form, but melts on contact in your hand. I used this two ways, first I would scoop a small amount for full hand moisturizing a couple times a day, and second I would rub a finger tip along the bar to melt enough to use as cuticle oil! How cool is that! It's such a versatile product for us nail types. The lotion goes on rich and slightly oily, but quickly absorbs in a couple minutes. 
To wrap up, after the two weeks my fingers have lost their regular shiny stretched look and any fine finger lines were minimized, also the ‎rough area on the edges of my nail sidewalls hasn't made an appearance. A lot of benefits that I wasn't expecting and all for a really great price too. For a direct link to the 2 ounce tin click here. This tin will also last you forever as you need so little when it melts in your hand. So if you are looking to try something new, I really recommend  this one.

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