Monday, April 21, 2014

Mari Moon, Ikat Chevron Nail Art

A whole lot of unknowns...that's what this post should be called! This luscious Mari Moon was borrowed from a friend and the name on the label is actually worn off. This one and another from the same brand both had labels that the lettering has faded away where the name goes. Anyway...who cares it's beautiful! This is two coats of...awesome undies needed. The shimmer is this is amazing in my pictures and immense in real life!

After I wore it for a day, I decided to try practicing a new look I saw on IG. Ikat Chevrons! Not my idea, but what a good one. Mine looks ok, but this was better in cream finish polishes.

Enough is never enough, so I also added a silver glitter topper to my pinky and pointer. I never took notes either, because I wasn't sure if I would post this...mystery post. But everyone like a good mystery!

Cheers all,

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