Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ruby White Tips, Misfit Toys

Hello all!

Today I have another swatch from Ruby White Tips with some art at the end. This amazing polish is called Misfit Toys. It was launched around Christmas and then reformulated into a wet holo version as well. I have that wet holo version for you today.

First things first, I never really liked holo's because they always ended up dragging on the second coat and showed every imperfection and dip in my nails. Let me say this polish had ZERO FORMULA PROBLEMS! This was perfection! The manicure is two coats of Misfit Toys over a base of light grey.

Up first is a shot under my pot lights. I always head straight for these if I need to look at a holo....or jewelry!

Below I stamped on some clouds from BM-312 and used Konad White!

I really can't say enough about this polish. It went on like butter and as you can see the holo flare was pretty spectacular! This polish was another sent to me for review from Ruby White Tips and you can find this and many other lovlies at their Etsy page linked here.

This last photo was just me goofing around with bottle shots. I've been working a bit on showing you guys more since the New Year rolled around. Hope you enjoy the new look so far.

You'll also find an Inlinkz below for other girls participating in a very casual challenge. This weeks prompt was weather, so that's why we had those cute little clouds stamped.

Cheers All,


  1. Lovelies as always!! I love this length of your nails, they look great!!! The holo is HOT~!

    1. Pot light are a holos best friend! Thanks I've been slowly growing. Love this polish. Fab job on this formula!

  2. awesome nail polish ! i dont have any holo ,but this is so good picture and it"s suite to your nails !

  3. You did a perfect job with the stamping. :) Love that base color from RWT as well. :)

    1. I love me some RWT! I have one more post in the can and one more to create with Kim! Can't wait. I'm saving it till I think of something fab over nude. Any ideas!